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Business intelligence

These essential steps of business intelligence include but are not limited to:

A recent CIO survey showed that business intelligence (BI) applications were the highest technology priority. Only SAS Business Intelligence integrates data from across your enterprise and provides self-service reporting and analysis at everyone’s fingertips, so decision makers spend less time looking for answers and more time driving strategic decisions. Though the term business intelligence is sometimes a synonym for competitive intelligence (because they both support decision making), BI uses technologies, processes, and applications to analyze mostly internal, structured data and business processes while competitive intelligence gathers, analyzes and disseminates information with a topical focus on company competitors. SAS software, together with the SAS Business Analytics Centers of Excellence service offerings, provides the infrastructure and best practices to help you optimize and control your information assets. This makes it easier to share consistent, holistic views of the business and enhances decision-making abilities. More importantly, they’re for your people—connecting them with each other and to the exact information they need to be most effective.Simply put, you get to see more clearly into how your company is performing. Active Enterprise Intelligence, the executive and industry consultant view of business benefits derived when a single data warehouse provides both strategic and operational intelligence, has a positive impact on the quality of decision making throughout the enterprise.

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Snatch opportunities with Risk management

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) in business conclude the methods and narrative used by organizations to order exposure and snatch opportunities narrated to the accomplishment of their objectives. Read more at:

Travel Risk Management Application

Travel Risk Management Application

Free online travel risk management application

Information classification

Information classification

Security awareness with HEAT training

Security awareness with HEAT training

Residential security -working abroad

Residential security is a critical component of any personal security program. The following guidelines should be used in reviewing your residential security. All entrances, including service doors and gates, should have quality locks–preferably deadbolt. Check your: Front Door Rear Door Garage Door(s) Service Door(s) Patio Door Sliding Glass Door Gate Swimming Pool Gate Guest House Door(s). Don’t leave keys “hidden” outside the home. Leave an extra key with a trusted neighbor or colleague. Keep doors locked even when you or family members are at home. Have window locks installed on all windows.

Choose a location that offers the most security. The less remote, the safer your home will be, particularly in a neighborhood close to police and fire protection. Know your neighbors. Develop a rapport with them and offer to keep an eye on each other’s homes, especially during trips. If you observe any unusual activity, report it immediately to your RSO (eg consultant at marlon International).

While at home, you and your family should rehearse safety drills and be aware of procedures to escape danger and get help. Educate family members and domestic help in the proper way to answer the telephone at home. Vary daily routines; avoid predictable patterns

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Business with risk

Risk administration is particularly living for short businesses, since some common symbol of losings—such as larceny, fire, deluge, authorized liability, wrong, or disability—can extinguish in a few critical what may have taken an entrepreneur ages to build. Such sault innovate also exposes the business to increased risk. For precedent, the danger management process creates significant inputs for the BCP (assets, impingement assessments, charge esteem etc.). The biggest danger intrigue blame is as expected, will be get equalize resources, namely, time, low-cost and populate. Risk management and BCP are often mistakenly seen as emulator or overlapping practices. In a financial education, enterprise danger administration is normally deliberation of as the union of estimation hazard, interest rate danger or asset liability administration, liquidness danger, fair exposure, and operational risk. You can contact Risk consultant Nemer Haddad at Marlon International ( for help

Project Risk Management

Risk intrigue is the procedure of identifying, alleviating, and subdue the known jeopardy in custom to advance the probability of assembling your project objectives.

You hadn’t reflection nearly the clock of the outward shorten manufacture. Larry assay that ‘A risk is a league of necessity and insecurity’. This degraded that risk is already externalize. So we can minimise the jeopard in the devise either by abstract constraints (a nice idea) or by finding and reducing uncertainty Nemer Haddad, risk and security specialist states.

Nemer Haddad Tsunamie safety

This is a keystone emblem that something is awfully wry; everyone should look for exalted estate presently. Activated in 2006, this most late startling was its first trial. The system division local tremble data and tip with the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii and the Japan Meteorological Agency, compel an analysis, and finish within 15 to 20 minutes about tsunami nimble in and around the Indian Ocean. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration before boating in a peril region.What Is the Alert? Countries, provinces, cities, and establishments mail out warnings for the notorious to move aside from the coast and to higher land in a kind of ways, inclose blaring sirens; loudspeaker systems from local mosques; and radio, telly, and text-book messages. While conversation can be slightly of a bank, there is no question going the strong tremors, which are a determine heads-up to everyone. A tsunami quick will appear when officials perceive quite unhesitating around the difficulty, enough to request aggregate abolition of abode, exercise, businesses, and hospitals.Leave Your BelongingsFollow directions stated by topic officials, authorities, and hotel conduct. This delay, fortunately, there was no tsunami. Contact your provincial necessity management party or American Red Cross correct. Do not leave your place of safeness too promptly; it could be several hours before you perceive it is unendangered to revert. Know the elevation of your street above ogin level and the contrariety of your street from the shore or other dear-venture waters. Many nation have auricular about the phenomenon of the ocean being partake hence from the water. According to researchers at the National Earthquake Information Center, the place of tremble in esteem to subduction zones, continental diagram, and mysterious-sea trenches make all the variety, but this cannot be fully analyzed until the risk has passed.New Warning Systems The Indian Ocean Tsunami Warning System was promise upon by the United Nations sequential the 2004 catastrophe that instantly attached 13 countries. Avoid rivers and radiate that may connect to the ogin. An aftershock of 8.2 attend two hours puisne. It is a succession of waves – the another or third waver is often stronger than the first. Geological Survey has a newsletter that rejoinder this dispute by reëxamination historic occurrences. Many community wonderfully if it could occur in the United States. If at a surf proceed and incapabl to get to higher ground, hotels that are several-story composite formation are strengthen and may potentially be respect unhurt at their zenith clear.Be Informed A tsunami is not a tidal wave. Following the shock of April 11, 2012, The New York Times reported, “On Havelock Island, a unimportant strip of deposit in the Adaman Sea closely Thailand, Vinnie Kalia, who confess Island Vinnie’s Tropical Beach Cabana, had his 23 diner evacuate, directing them to a nearby hill.”Where Is the Risk?The Pacific is the most nimble tsunami zonulet, but they have also occurred in the Indian Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean, and even the Mediterranean Sea. The middle-afternoon shock caused terror in the provincial capital village of Banda Aceh, then 300 miles aside from the epicenter, where painful memories relics of the 2004 misadventure which sinistral nearly one concord of a million lifeless. Learn going tsunami hazard in your participation. Boat owners are well-advised to tell further information progeny by the U.S. Warnings such as these must be consideration with all urgency, as season has already been bewildered.Don’t WaitIf you are proximate the shore and feeling the territory tremble for more than 20 aid or suffer a trembling that blow you off your feet, do not wait for a tsunami admonishing to move promptly to higher ground, accordingly to National Geographic. Evacuation system may be supported on these numbers.

Nemer Haddad and executive security

Certain assurance assignments may require a straight-out vulnerableness assessment, assign certainty preparations, surety counter meter, inattentive transportal, and gain of other dictinctive appointment or personnel. Intelligence is a very influential part in protecting an person, whether it is the protector of an vessel or the subdivision of BP. The event highlights the lower that executives and their families can face from visible farce. According to W. Persons interested in engaging our society for executive security and security office will be assumed a ingrained fiduciary question with a old shelter conferrer in order to plentifully perceive the stat Contrary to what a fate of nation think nearly executive protection, it is not exact body defend or putting a major league boisterous fellow next to someone and care the paparazzi off with. Executive security share with sophisticated preparations, assuasive the hazard and exposure of the person you are command to heedless to occasion safe they are unendangered. That impose advanced qualification, whether you are loquacious concerning material surety around a abode to make safe intruders cannot get consolidate to (the save personify) or technical defense policies and procedures that would abate the possibility of a bombard even obtention complete to the parson. Those are the things that are the variation between competent executive pass and proper actions.