Residential security -working abroad

Residential security is a critical component of any personal security program. The following guidelines should be used in reviewing your residential security. All entrances, including service doors and gates, should have quality locks–preferably deadbolt. Check your: Front Door Rear Door Garage Door(s) Service Door(s) Patio Door Sliding Glass Door Gate Swimming Pool Gate Guest House Door(s). Don’t leave keys “hidden” outside the home. Leave an extra key with a trusted neighbor or colleague. Keep doors locked even when you or family members are at home. Have window locks installed on all windows.

Choose a location that offers the most security. The less remote, the safer your home will be, particularly in a neighborhood close to police and fire protection. Know your neighbors. Develop a rapport with them and offer to keep an eye on each other’s homes, especially during trips. If you observe any unusual activity, report it immediately to your RSO (eg consultant at marlon International).

While at home, you and your family should rehearse safety drills and be aware of procedures to escape danger and get help. Educate family members and domestic help in the proper way to answer the telephone at home. Vary daily routines; avoid predictable patterns

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